About us
Your partner for modern event concepts and live communication

Eventures combines the professional experience of over 25 years in event, conference and media technology. With our professional project teams, we take a goal-oriented approach to the requirements of your event and your wishes. We are constantly investing in the latest technology and the know-how of our employees in order to realize contemporary and attractive events.

We advise, plan, supervise, set up and simply lend a hand. From individual services to full service, we cover the entire range of event technology.

We leave a lasting impression and go the extra mile. Go with us!

Company headquarters in the Brohltal East Industrial Park

Eventures GmbH has a new company headquarters in Niederzissen in the Brohltal Ost industrial park (A61). The location in the heart of the Eifel offers several advantages for us and our customers. The excellent access to the transport infrastructure, the direct proximity to cities such as Bonn, Cologne and Koblenz and the extensive networking opportunities in the industry offer the best conditions for our company and our customers. 6000 m² of land and 1450 m² of floor space provide space for logistics, storage, pre-production, trial hall and administration.


We act customer oriented

As a service provider, our customers naturally have top priority. We take our customers and their wishes seriously and respond to their needs. Since our profession is also our vocation, we are able to put ourselves in our customers' shoes in the best possible way.

We demonstrate a hands-on mentality

Our working method is characterized above all by assertiveness, action orientation and determination. Can't? Does not exist with us. From the managing director to the temps, everyone at our company lends an equal hand.

We bear responsibility

We bear responsibility for our customers, employees, partners as well as for our company and always act in such a way that we can represent the interests of all parties responsibly and in good conscience.

We work innovatively

Creativity is the origin of innovation. We encourage and train our creativity on a daily basis and are open to new ideas. Thanks to innovative ideas, we realize even the most unusual requests. Our results exceed your expectations.

We are always educating ourselves

Just because something works well doesn't mean it can't be done better. We regularly put our work to the test, listen to our employees' suggestions, and continue to educate ourselves so that we are always up to date.

We always want to be a bit better than the best

We always keep an eye on our competitors without losing focus for our customers. We always raise the bar a bit higher and work with maximum standards. All of this inspires us to achieve great results.

We think big

We develop and communicate bold visions that drive us every day. We think around corners and are always looking for new ways and solutions to achieve great goals together with our customers.

We act quickly but thoughtfully

We have excellent instincts, quick perception, and judgment, which leads us to react quickly but thoughtfully to new challenges or unforeseen problems.

We live from and work with trust

We are constantly working not only to gain the trust of our customers, but above all to maintain it. We achieve this through our friendly demeanor and solution-oriented approach. Trust forms the basis of our daily work.

We use our resources effectively

We aim to do more with less and use the budget and our resources to achieve the best result effectively. This also means that we deploy our employees in such a way that they can optimally contribute their strengths.

We want the best for our customers

At our company, people work for people. We communicate honestly and thus create the basis for sustainable and trusting customer relationships, at the end of which there is always an outstanding event.

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